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Advanced wounds are wounds that do not (or are at high risk not to) heal within a few weeks by themselves, without special medical care. They can also be referred to as “non-healing,” “complex,” “difficult,” or “chronic” wounds or ulcers. Advanced wounds are the results of multiple factors: aging, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, malnutrition, mobility issues, immune disorders, surgical complications, burns, and the presence of numerous other chronic and acute conditions. Some common causes (etiologies) of advanced wounds include:


Globally, there are around 100M advanced wounds per year. As chronic disease prevalence increases, the number of advanced wounds will also increase. Advanced wound complications include infection, chronic pain, disability, amputation, sepsis, and death. Today, more than 95% of advanced wound care (AWC) services infrastructure is located in the developed markets, where just 13% of the population lives. However, there is a massive, unmet need for AWC in the emerging markets as well.


Advanced Wound Care Global’s team has deep experience opening, directing, and advising AWC Centres of Excellence and other programs across multiple healthcare markets (developed, emerging, and frontier). Our sister company, Diligence Wound Care Global, advises leading AWC investors, services firms, and the majority of the top international AWC medtech brands. We currently have several projects in development, and are actively assessing additional partners and ventures.


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